Live location tracking – GPS trackers help the user to track their vehicles on a real time basis and we offering multiple user Ids for parents also to track the bus

Android based App for school Admin :- We offering android/OS based platform to track all the running School buses/vans on real time basis

Parents App :- Admin can issue a sub user Id & password to each parents whose child is travelling in bus/vans.

Vehicle Compliances :- Can keep records of all the buses RC/Insurance/FitnessPUC & other documents at our server .

Cut-off Engine & oil – If in case bus is out of specify boundary and driver not picking call, User can cut of engine by App , Truck will automatically breakdown on reaching a set speed point.

Speed Limit-If user set any specific speed limit and driver exceed bus speed , Admin will get alert..

Reports & Alerts- our advance system generate fleet wise buses States. Such as Km Distance/Engine running time/Engine Idling time/Stationary time

There is a special feature panic button which enables the customer to be notified at the time of an emergency(with the help of the panic button and tracking location , admin can pass subsequent help to the bus immediately..

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When it’s come to child security, we seems extra careful every time hence it’s very important all school buses should be GPS enabled , Acumen Track gives a perfect tracking automation platform to schools to make school transport much easier and safer and give complete peace of mind to parents as-well , by Acumen Track Android/IOS App parents can track their child exact location while child going to school or coming back from school, parents always know where their Childs are.


School’s admin can trace all the buses when vehicles are out for the pick-up & drops and can keep eyes on every move of buses by GPS tracking APP system which give advance layer of student security.


Parents can also track bus location once their beloved child is travelling inside bus. If in case bus not arrived on time can know the location where exactly bus current location is, and also no need to wait at pick-up or drop point, as by knowing bus location can plan their time accordingly.