Acumen Track GPS tracking system Keep your vehicle, fleet, kids, old parents and pets safe with GPS tracking systems from AcumenTrack.Our varied and battery run devices will fulfill each need you have. Receive real-time location data of your fleet, when they are thousands of miles away from you. Monitor the speed they are maintaining, the route they are taking and the direction of their movement. Catch idling drivers red-handed, catch employees who are using company vehicles for personal purposes, reach out to your vehicles when they meet an accident or be alerted when your car is moving away from the place where it ideally should be. these features come to you for a next to nothing cost. Moreover, you don’t need to stay glued to the computer screen for the feedback, we arrange to send these data to your handheld devices as well.


Add to that the experienced team of fitters and engineers we have at our disposal. We are in this business for long enough to gather the best minds and make them install, troubleshoot and get your GPS vehicle tracking device going active within minutes from purchase. We can claim none can beat us. Vehicle and Personal Tracker Devices GPS Chip in all over India.

GPS tracking device is becoming important every passing day. We realize it because we are dealing with an increased number of client queries we are receiving every day. From every segment of society, people are realising they look for reliable solution, which is the major USP of our products, the importance of these devices , join the ever-increasing number of Indians and install the tracking device you need to keep your precious possession safe.

We are offering a professional and effective GPS vehicle tracking software for monitoring your business fleet. It sends real-time information on the location, activity and mobile inventory of your vehicles to improve business performance. Acumen track GPS vehicle tracking software also provides important protections in the incident of vehicle stealing and recovery many type of tracker available like car tracking system, bike tracker system, personal tracking system, Commercial truck & JCB tracking system, multifunctional vehicle GPS tracker and many more devices.